A Work Of Art: How To Create An Inspiring Gift Basket For The Aspiring Artist In Your Life

One thing many aspiring artists need most is encouragement from friends and family members. New artists often lack the self-confidence it takes to step out of their comfort zones and do what they love most. One way you can encourage your aspiring artist to follow their passion is by giving them a special gift basket filled with supplies. And why wait for a special occasion? You can present them with a lovely gift basket simply to let them know you believe in them and their ability to achieve great things. [Read More]

Introduce Your Children To Art: 4 Tips To Help Plan Their First Trip To The Gallery

If you want to instill the love of art into your children, the best time to start is when they're young. Art galleries and museums are both excellent ways to introduce your kids to art. Before you go, it's best that you take some time to prepare. Here are four tips that will help you plan a fun trip to the art gallery or museum with your kids. Map It Out [Read More]