A Work Of Art: How To Create An Inspiring Gift Basket For The Aspiring Artist In Your Life

One thing many aspiring artists need most is encouragement from friends and family members. New artists often lack the self-confidence it takes to step out of their comfort zones and do what they love most.

One way you can encourage your aspiring artist to follow their passion is by giving them a special gift basket filled with supplies. And why wait for a special occasion? You can present them with a lovely gift basket simply to let them know you believe in them and their ability to achieve great things.

Choose a container

A large basket will work fine, but don't overlook other useful containers. A small stainless steel tub will work well. Your aspiring artist can paint the tub later and add one of their artistic designs to the tub. The tub can be used for storage or as a decoration in their art studio.

A large tote bag is another good option to use as a gift bag. Choose a tote bag in a plain white or beige fabric and let the artist decide what design to add to the bag. An artist can never have too many totes for carrying supplies to art classes or for outdoor painting sessions, etc.

A large backpack will also work well, especially if your artist enjoys painting outdoors or travels a lot. Backpacks have plenty of pockets and compartments that you can stuff with art supplies when creating your gift.

Fill it with high-quality art supplies

You want your aspiring artist to feel like a pro, so choose high-quality supplies. You should include several sketch books in various sizes. Make sure to include a pocket-sized sketch pad for those times when inspiration strikes while they are on the go.

Mix and match wire-bound sketch books with solid spine books for versatility. Choose only sketch books with acid-free paper. Check the weight of the paper. The higher the number, the sturdier the paper will be. Choose a lower number for practice work and a heavier number to use for the finished project. The heaviest paper is typically used for painting rather than drawing.

Select a variety of paint brushes in different sizes. Don't forget to add a painter's palette and several kinds of paint. Sketching pencils and an assortment of colored pencils will always be appreciated.

Add a personalized gift

You can order artist's tee shirts, door signs, coffee mugs, and other personalized artist items online. Your aspiring artist will be proud to wear their shirt and use the other items to show everyone they are an artist.

You can also include tickets to a local art show. If your artist has children, a coupon for a free afternoon of babysitting will give them a few hours to work on their latest masterpiece or browse through an art gallery uninterrupted.

A little encouragement goes a long way for an aspiring artist. Taking the time to invest in their love of art by creating a unique gift for them will make them feel like a pro. It will also show them how much you believe in their ability to succeed and will inspire them to achieve great things. Contact a supply shop, like Pro-Graphics Art Materials & Picture Framing, for more help.