Introduce Your Children To Art: 4 Tips To Help Plan Their First Trip To The Gallery

If you want to instill the love of art into your children, the best time to start is when they're young. Art galleries and museums are both excellent ways to introduce your kids to art. Before you go, it's best that you take some time to prepare. Here are four tips that will help you plan a fun trip to the art gallery or museum with your kids.

Map It Out

Before you visit, try to obtain a map of the gallery or museum. This will allow you to map out the areas that you want to visit first. This is particularly important if you plan on visiting a large museum with numerous exhibits. Once you've narrowed down the areas you most want to visit, you can plan your day around those areas.

Set Rules

If your children have never been to a gallery or museum before, they may not know how they'll be expected to behave. Set the rules early to avoid embarrassment and mishaps. Be sure your children know that they should not touch the exhibits. You should also take the time to discuss the barriers that may be around some of the art work. If your children understand the rules in advance, you won't have to spend valuable time discussing the rules once you get there.

Plan for Change

Even the best laid plans may need to change from time to time. If your children don't seem particularly fond of an exhibit you've previously decided to visit, go ahead and change your plans. It's better to venture off to a new exhibit than to suffer through a meltdown during your visit.

Schedule Breaks

If you're visiting a large gallery or museum, your children may get tired from all the walking. Schedule a few breaks during your visit. Pack a lunch and have a picnic outside before you head back to explore more of the artwork. This might also be a good time to visit the gift shop. Allow your children to pick out one item that they'd like to have if they continue to behave for the rest of the trip.

You want your children to enjoy visiting art galleries and museums. Begin by introducing them to the art world while they're young. The tips provided above will help you and your children get the most out of your first visit to a museum or gallery new you.